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How To Replace The Power Cord Of Your Electrical Lawn Edger?

Electrical lawn edgers are the most popular and the most effective tools for edging the lawns. However, these are run by a power cord and most of them do not have a retractable cable. This creates a major issue for these edgers.

While cable faults are the major issue for the breakdowns, the cost of cable is often lesser than the transportation cost of taking the equipment to the service center or the fee of calling an expert.

Here, we devise a step by step guide to repair the faulty electrical cable of an electric corded lawn edger.

Step 1
Place head safely and ensure that no one comes near you or the head during the operations. Also make sure that the head blades or strings are free to move.

Step 2
Use an electric tester to check if the point where you jacked the edger is getting power supply. If the fault is there in the socket, plug the edger in another socket and test again.

Step 3
Now you need to open the back panel at the top of the edger, this is the place where the cable of the edger gets in. Make sure you use the appropriate screw driver to open the back panel. The back panel will open up very easily.

Step 4
Now turn on the power and test if the power is coming to the connecting points of the wires. If the current is not coming, then you need to change the cable. If the power is coming, there is a fault in the cable.

Step 5
To ensure that the cable is faulty, you can connect the open terminals where the power cord are connected using a pair of cables. Just make the cables touch for a fraction of second. If you get any vibration or sound from motor, the motor is fine and a replacement of cable will resolve the fault. In case there is no sound from motor, it is pointless to replace the cable, as you will need to take the motor to the mechanic.

Step 6
Now bring a similar cable and replace the cable with the new one. In case the joints are screwed make sure you tighten them properly, in case they are soldered make sure to solder them. A loose circuit will create sparks and damage the lawn edger.

Step 7
Before closing the back panel, make sure your edger is working properly. Test it by turning it on for a fraction of second.

Step 8
Now close the back lid and your edger is perfectly ready to use. Make sure you tighten all the screws of the back lid properly. A loose fit can let water inside the motor in case of a rain or wet operations.

These are the simple steps to take care of the wire damage issues of a corded electrical lawn edger. In order to ensure negligible breakdown time, it is recommended to keep an extra replacement cable at all times. This will not force you to go to a maintenance shop and you can even replace the cable even in nights when the shops are closed.

How riding lawn mowers is beneficial to your garden

Poulan PB17542LT

Riding lawn movers is little bit costly than normal power mower but you can see lot of advantages on purchasing this. You have lot of options available for riding lawn mowers for beginners and you also get an opportunity to zero turning radius mowers. By using this you can be able to cut the trees and shrubs. You can see two various kinds of riding lawn movers like tractor style and zero turning radius. Riding mowers are best choice for those who have big space to mow. It has attachment for the purpose of mulching capabilities, grass clippings and certain models contain both these combination.
Accessories available:
You can also purchase bundle of accessories particularly for tractor models. Get plows for removing snow in the winter season, trailers for carrying supplies to the garden area or for hauling feed to the livestock and certain models contain attachment to assist plow the garden. There are some materials that turn the lawn tractor in to the leaf collector to changes the leaves in to compost. Riding lawn mowers contain a huge amount of fuel capacity than normal mowers and contain an electric beginner.

Easy to maintain:
Electric start have completely adjustable cutting decks, therefore you can cut heavier and tall grass that would bog down. They are very easy to maintain and you can always get a replacement mower parts than a power mower. You can find riding lawn mowers in various brands in the market. You can see john deer lawn mowers; the popular one is Toro riding mowers because the parts of this are largely available. You can find different variety of covers and also repair parts. The most important thing which you have to keep in mind is most of the riding lawn mowers contain the motor in the mower rear.
Great investment:
A driver who is riding the mower will control the operation and you can also cut the heights according to your desire. This riding lawn mower contains less power and get around flat areas fast. These models normally contain only few attachments and are not so much advantageous to use in the winter season. They want to be put away at this season. You can see riding lawn mowers at garden and lawn retailer in the local area. Online method is the best way of shopping. Based on its price, most of the riding lawn mowers can be available for five hundred dollars. It can help you to save you on long run.
Online method:
These types of mowers are worth for the rate. You can find lot of product review sites online, hence if you are not definite to find the best one, you can see lot of reviews given by other customers like features, specifications, advantages and disadvantages etc. Riding lawn mowers are highly suitable to offer a professional to your garden. Riding lawn mowers create the mowing work easier and this device is very much necessary for the area more than 1450 square yards.

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