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#pennedchat is the Twitter hashtag for Mid-Career cohorts, faculty and alumni to initiate and lead monthly “open” conversations around a variety of topics related to program curriculum. Join the conversation (whether on Twitter or not) by following this link.

Objectives for our use of #pennedchat:

  1. Encourage use of social media to enhance MC program/network experience, support
  2. Link alumni and current students in real time around questions of interest
  3. Provide public forum to educational leaders nationally and internationally
  4. Provide exposure for program to educational leaders nationally and internationally
  5. Provide curricular link to support focus in social media-enhanced discussions

13-14 Schedule of #pennedchat conversations

September 28th – Intro to #pennedchat

Topic: How are today’s school leaders using social media?

October 18-20: Cohort 11

Topic related to readings: Educational Branding: Who, What, Where, Why, How, When? 

November 15-17: Cohort 10

Topic related to readings: From Theory to Practice - Imagining Solutions

December 6-8: Cohort 12

Topic related to readings: Leadership in Literacy

January 11, 2014: Cohort 11

Topic related to readings: Emotional Intelligence

February 15, 2014

Topic: LIVE #satchat & #satchatwc on “Future of Teacher/Leader Preparation Programs”

March 22, 2014

Topic: How Can School Leaders Promote Whole Child/Whole Teacher in Schools w/ @WholeChildASCD

April 12, 2014
Topic: @NASSP (National Assoc. of Secondary School PrincipalI) partners w/ @MCDPEL to discuss “What does it take to turn a school around?”

May 3, 2014
Topic: Hold for @NAIS (National Association of Independent Schools) partners w/ @MCDPEL to discuss “The Economics of Independent Schools.”

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** May 31-June 4: Follow #HETL14 & #PennAlaska14 as a MCDPEL team of students, alumni, faculty learn about Education in Alaska LIVE from Anchorage. The team will present last year’s study of the Finnish Education System on Sunday, June 1st. Details to watch LIVE TBA. 

June 14, 2014

Topic: Hold for @NAESP (National Association of Elementary School Principals) Topic TBA

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